What is Room Escape ?

Located in Brisbane, Puzzled Room Escape offers an unique thrill of interactive real-world adventure that will challenge your mind. Participants in a group enter a room to solve a series of mysteries where clues are rewarded as they successfully decipher each puzzle. As the game progresses, they will learn the enthralling story behind each theme and ultimately unlock the door to their escape.

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Safe and Secure SSL Encrypted Payment System

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The Rules

Gather Your Mates
Gather Your Mates

We recommend groups of 4-6, the more the merrier. Please note though, that no more than 6 people will be allowed in a session at any given time.

Trapped for 1 Hour
Trapped for 1 Hour

Your group will have 1 hour to complete each Room Escape theme. Don't worry if you are stuck, you will be given walkie talkie which you can use to call us for help.

Solve The Mysteries
Solve The Mysteries

Work fast and collectively as a team to find clues, decipher all the puzzles and unveil the mysteries. Remember, observation and communication are key to your escape.

Escape in Time
Escape in Time

The objective is simple, try to get out within the allotted time limit to complete the challenge! Pit your team against other teams and beat the record time.


Puzzle Tech Murder

Difficulty:   |   Recommend: 2-6 players

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Haunted Academy

Difficulty:   |   Recommend: 3-5 players

Learn more

Dr. Irov's Laboratory

Difficulty:   |   Recommend: 4-6 players

Learn more Battle Mode

Monkey Run!

Difficulty:   |   Recommend: 3-6 players

Learn more Battle Mode


6 Players

$28 per Person

5 Players

$31 per Person

4 Players

$35 per Person

3 Players

$40 per Person

2 Players

$45 per Person

Note: Maximum of players allowed in any given theme room is 6. Multiple rooms will need to be booked for more than 6 players.

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Safe and Secure SSL Encrypted Payment System

Safe and Secure SSL Encrypted Payment System

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We strive to run all scheduled sessions at the predetermined times. To enjoy the full experience the theme has to offer, we recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your session. We will do our best to accommodate any late arrivals, but you may miss out on a portion of your game time if there is an adverse impact on the remaining sessions. Refunds of any kind will not be permitted under these circumstances.
No refunds will be issued for booked sessions, though amendments to your pre-booked sessions to another available session can be accepted if the request is received at least 7 days prior to the original session date. Any amendments requested between 7 days and before 5pm on the day prior to the original session will be reviewed by us on a discretionary basis with a $10 administration fee that may apply. Any amendments requested later than 5pm on the day prior to the original session date will incur a $40 administration fee. Any cancellation and amendment requests can be submitted via email to [email protected], allowing for a 48 hour response time. Alternatively, urgent requests can be made by phoning 0411 440 035.
Puzzled Room Escape do not recommend you to participate if you suffer from the following medical conditions; Claustrophobia, seizures or any other similar conditions. You will be solely responsible for any related incidents that may occur.
We do not have a strict age restriction, but some parts of the rooms are designed to be quite challenging so we recommend an age of 15+ to play by themselves. Children under 12 must be accompanied by at least one adult.
Booking can be done simply through our booking system above, while other queries can be submitted to [email protected], or give us a call on 0411 440 035.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can! Though we do recommend 4 to 6 players, as our puzzles have been designed to be quite challenging.
Bring yourself, your friends, comfortable clothing, a smile and a positive attitude! All the puzzles can be solved with items provided in the room, so please do not bring your own tools.
We are located on the second floor of 1177 Logan Road, Holland Park West, and parking is available both at our basement and by the bus stop.
Public Transport
Stop 34 (Logan Rd at Mt Thompson, stop 34, Holland Park West) is 150m from our shop, with routes 170, 174 and 175 coming every half hour.
Besides being a sensible person and not destroying property, there is one important rule in place:

Strictly no mobile phones or similar devices are allowed in the rooms - while it is tempting to sneak a phone in to take pictures, part of the experience is the atmosphere and the unknown. We would be very disappointed if everyone knew what to expect before they went into the room.

Upon arrival, our friendly staff will go through any other issues and prepare you for the experience.
Our main goal is to make this experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. We make sure we take care of the safety side of things so you won’t have to! Please relax and have fun.
You will be given a walkie talkie which can be used to alert staff of any issues (yes, needing to go is an emergency!). Do note though, that game time will not be paused for the duration of your toilet break and your team will have to carry on without you in the meantime.
Before you enter the room, our friendly staff will provide a box for your valuables to be kept at reception and retrieved once you come out.
Before entering the room, you will be given walkie talkie that can be used when you are stuck, frustrated, or running out of time. Our staff will provide you with clues to assist you in your progress.

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