Haunted Academy

Difficulty:   |   Recommend: 3-5 Players
Something evil is lurking around...

There is an old school tale passing from one student to another at Puzzled Academy.

As the tale is told, an evil is lurking in the prestigious academy. Someone, or some'thing', insidious, dark and sickening is lusting for blood. On 31 October when the moon is high above the school, the evil returns for its next prey.

It was a tale only meant for scaring the faint-hearted ones. But after another disappearance of a young school girl, things started to spiral out of control.

"To the members of the Supernatural Society,

This is your president. Rather than our usual Alien jokes and Ghostbusters movie marathon talk, I wish to bring a serious note in today's society announcement. I am calling for your help to find the whereabouts of Miss Sharon Hommes, a long time friend of mine, and the vice president of our society.

She was last seen leaving Alchemy class on Monday. Her parents informed the police of her disappearance that night. The conversation also revealed that her disappearance may be related to the multiple counts of kidnapping over the last few years, which the police commissioner decided to shut down all investigations on due to a lack of progress. How do I know all this, you ask? One of our society members overhead his police dad talking on phone last night and brought it to my attention.

We cannot wait for the police to get their act together. We must take the matter in our own hands and find Sharon. I am calling for all members to assist in our investigation, starting at the now closed police investigation office in the abandoned school building.

If you believe you have the courage to face the danger ahead and get to the bottom of this mystery, register below and we will begin our search for Sharon once we've gathered our team members."

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